Who We Are And What We Do

About Bashara Schwartz, PLLC at Law

What We Do

The Law Offices of Bashara Schwartz, PLLC is a firm that takes a limited amount of cases in order to provide its clients with a personal relationship with their legal team. Nothing is more important than family. When the Courts become involved, it is imperative that you protect your rights. Finding the right lawyer can make the difference between a favorable result, and an outcome that will negatively impact your life. The Law Offices of Jason S. Bashara is dedicated to partnering with clients in order to create a unique strategy for their individual case.

Who We Are

Bashara Schwartz, PLLC was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing exceptional legal counsel to individuals who have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of going through a Family Law dispute. Over the years our attorneys have represented men, women, and children who need legal help.

Over the years our services have expanded and now include Family Law, Mediations, Judgment Collections and Plaintiff’s Suits.